Project Background

The owners of the Oregon City Golf Club are proposing an opportunity for major development in southeast Oregon City. They envision their land being annexed into city limits and becoming part of a larger planned community that will support the long-term sustainability and economic growth of Oregon City. 

The Beavercreek Road Concept Plan is a comprehensive guide to the development of a better connected and more sustainable community in southeast Oregon City. Metro added the majority of the 453-acre site lining Beavercreek Road into the Urban Growth Boundar several years ago, envisioning a wide range of open spaces, green streets and room for new housing and commerce. The plan was designed to create a mixed-use community built on synergistic relationships with Clackamas Community College, Oregon City High School and nearby neighborhoods.

Every city and metropolitan area in Oregon is required to have an urban growth boundary, a planning tool used to control expansion into farm and forest lands. The annexation proposal is consistent with the intentions and design of the Urban Growth Boundary Metro has created for this area. 

Oregon City Golf Club Annexation

Going back to its beginning in the early 1920s, the Oregon City Golf Club played an important role in helping to popularize golf and ushering in its golden age. The course has grown in both size and stature over its history, and now a new direction lies in store for its future.